Common Equipment In An Operating Room

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An operating room is part of a hospital’s facilities that execute different kinds of surgery. This particular area must be specifically free from microorganism, or in the asepsis state, to prevent infection and complication during the operation. There are different kinds of instrument that surgical doctors used, and here are some of the common ones and what you might need to know about them.

Operation lights

Since a surgery is a very crucial and critical activity to perform that is why it is important for the surgeons to see clearly what they are exactly doing. This means that a specialized lighting condition must be made for this purpose. Surgical operation lights have different classifications, depending on the particular purpose of the surgery. For instance, surgical headlights are bright and provides supplemental illumination needed for examining a specific body part.

Operation tables

Sometimes referred to as surgical tables, operation tables are required in any operating theater. This is where the patient is asked to lie down as the surgery is in place. This helps in keeping the person under surgery steady as the operation is going through. Basically, the common surgical table is designed to accommodate the patient while allowing the medical staff to proceed with procedures, giving them area to work with. Accessories are also included to provide convenience to both the surgeon and the patients. You can buy medical surgery equipment at trusted medical shops. 


These are kind of a mobile beds, used for transferring patients from one room to another. Stretchers are used to make the patient more comfortable, while they can still be accessed to different parts of the hospital. Like the operating lights, stretchers can be varied based on the specific needs of the patient. Support surfaces, or mattresses, are sometimes included in the stretchers for added comfort before bringing the patient to the necessary room.


While certain tools are required for different kinds of surgery and operation, the rule of the thumb is to make them disinfected and uncontaminated. This is why cleaning equipment must always be accessible in order to sterilized and clean the tools that will be used in the surgery. It is given that the environment and various operating theatre equipment of an operating room must be aseptic, but the tools and equipment in the surgery should be pristine and free from microorganism that may infect the patient.These are just few but common of the much needed instrument that are to be found on a surgery or operating room. Whether it’s a minor surgery or a major operation, lives of the patients are at stake so it is just important to make sure that these operating room equipment are safe for use and can be trusted, which you can get from certain reliable medical stores.