Self Care Tips For Pregnant Women:

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Finding out that you are expecting a baby is good news not just to your husband but also for the rest of the family as well. That is why it is important that you start taking extra good care of yourself throughout the pregnancy period in order to avoid complications. Most first time mothers lack ideas on how to actually take good care of themselves and we will discuss more of that in this article. Hopefully you could learn a few things and use it during your pregnancy period. 


Tip #1: Look for a trusted and reputable physician or Ob Gyne that you can visit for your monthly check ups, ultrasound and prenatal care. You can check out Ivanhoe Health Service and you may consider them as one of your options or you can ask for recommendations from either one of your friends, relatives or from anyone you know who just gave birth recently. It would be a good decision to stick with one OB throughout your pregnancy so better choose carefully.

Tip #2: Drink supplements and vitamins to help provide additional nourishment for you and your baby. Don’t hesitate to talk to your OB about it. If you are not feeling well or in any kind of pain, avoid taking any kind of pain medication unless you are given a go signal by your doctor. You may also consider going through Ivanhoe osteopathy as a safe alternative to pain management. Some pain medications are known to cause minor bleeding to some pregnant mothers so it is best to take the necessary precautions.

Tip #3: Watch out for what you eat. It is understandable that pregnancy cravings are very difficult to resist but you have to make sure that you eat everything in moderation. Pregnant women are at risk of high blood pressure, edema due to fluid retention and gestational diabetes that is why proper diet should be followed throughout the pregnancy. If you have the following health conditions you are at a good candidate for cesarean section which will give you a longer recovery time.

Tip #4: Avoid stress at all costs. Your OB will probably tell you the same thing because stress has a big impact on both the mother and the baby. Too much stress can cause complications and spotting which puts you at risk of losing the baby. Stay away from people and situations that causes anxiety. You need to have a good support system within the family who will take good care of you and the baby during the entire course of your pregnancy.