Four Tips To Help Avoid Complications From Diabetes

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People who are living with diabetes might have to deal with several other health issues brought on by the disease unlike those who are unaffected – that can be prevented with much care and extra effort. Diabetes is a disease that requires constant care and should be taken seriously – and it might require major lifestyle changes in order to prevent other health complications from arising. People can avoid potentially life-threatening complications by taking extra care and regular checkups.

Take Care Of Your Gums And Feet

Diabetes sufferers should always maintain their feet with short, clean toenails to avoid the risk of wounds, blisters or other injuries since they take much longer to heal and can result in serious infections. It is common for diabetes suffers to experience numbness, tingling in their feet too. Proper dental care has to be maintained as well, with good brushing and regular flossing to avoid gum diseases as those who suffer from this condition are also at a higher risk for dental issues.

Maintain Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

By avoiding or reducing foods that are high in salt and fat can maintain your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and triglycerides. High blood pressure and cholesterol can wear down and damage your blood vessels much faster when you are a diabetic and your triglycerides need to be an at a healthy level. While taking steps to maintain your glucose – using a device for glucose monitoring is very helpful when it comes to checking up on your blood glucose levels, and you can be aware of what foods cause it to spike up as well.

Get Regular Eye Exams and Physical Checkups

It is common for sufferers of diabetes to experience complications such as glaucoma or eye diseases that can cause blindness – it is vital that you get regular eye checkups done. Part of good diabetes management includes getting a proper physical checkup for health issues that diabetes sufferers are at risk for – such as nerve damage, kidney or heart disease which are best discovered during the early stages.

Quit Smoking And Control Your Alcohol Intake

Not only is smoking detrimental to your lungs, but it the increases the risk of several other issues such as strokes, heart or kidney disease as well. It is better to quit the habit completely to maintain your health. When it comes to drinking alcohol – ask your doctor what kind of drinks you are allowed to have and what you must avoid. This includes being aware of your limits and avoiding excessive drinking.