The Dental Issues You Should Not Take Lightly…

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We have all been there: work commitments, upcoming exams and tests, or whatever other reason, there just have been times when we could not afford to spare some time and take a look at our own bodies. Or sometimes, more than a few of us have been guilty of ignoring warning signs from our bodies indicating that something was wrong, thinking they were mere passing aches. As any doctor would let you know, pain and aches are not things to be taken lightly and you should make sure to come to the bottom of it all if they tend to persist.One such area in which many of us tend to be less than proactive is oral issues: any and all problems with our teeth tend to be brushed off until the pain becomes unbearable. That kind of behaviour is dangerous for many obvious reasons – in the worst case, you can always end up with a life-threatening situation without you realizing it at all. Below are some of the more common warnings you should not be ignoring:

Tooth pain and increased sensitivity – one of the most common pains to afflict our mouths is pain associated with our teeth. There are many different conditions that could lead to pain in your teeth, with plaque, cavities and infections as the more well-known causes. Tooth pain can be of different types, such as throbbing pains, or acute but relatively quick pains that come and go. Regardless of what kind of pain you are experiencing, if it is severe enough, you know it is a cause for a dentist visit – do not let that root canal cost keep you away from a visit to the dental clinic Kew!

TMJ – have you heard of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)? The word is a mouthful, and it is usually one of the disorders you will see being treated by prosthodontics. Simply put, the issue involves a poor functioning of the jaw, which can lead to clicking or popping of the said jaw, and also, to ear pain (in fact, one of the main reasons behind chronic ear pain is TMJ). The severity of the condition decides what kind of good teeth whitening in Kew is to be used, with the more severe cases requiring surgery.

Bleeding gums – if you whacked your mouth with your toothbrush by accident, or had any kind of similar mishap, a little bit of blood in your spit or on your toothbrush is nothing to fret about (because you know what it is about!). The issue can become far more worrisome if you find blood without reason, because your gums are bleeding without you knowing exactly why. Common reasons include gingivitis, which when ignored long enough, can lead to more worrisome conditions including an early loss of teeth.