Things To Discuss With Your Obstetrician

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It is said that a patient should never hide anything from his doctor; no matter what medical condition he is experiencing. Doctors are said to be as semi-gods and rightly so because after God Himself; it is the doctors only who can save a person from the near death situations. The job of doctors have grown even difficult in the current situation where everyone is said to stay inside their houses but doctors step out to save the humanity. Doctors can be categorised into various divisions and sub-divisions depending upon the body parts in which they specialise in. The doctors, who specialise in certain body parts, are known as specialist and they are qualified to diagnose, treat and operate the particular medical condition if needed. These specialists might vary from cardiologists to neurologists and from dermatologists to oncologists. Two such kinds of specialists are known as gynaecologists and obstetrician. Both of these specialists deal with the female medical conditions but the job of an obstetrician is limited to the fertility and infertility portion. In this article, we will be discussing about the things that must be discussed with you obstetrician.


An obstetrician is the medical specialist who specialises in the field of obstetrics. Obstetrics is the branch of medicine in which procedures like pregnancy, child birth are taught and practiced. Obstetrics is the branch of gynaecology (it deals with the reproductive system of female body). The best gynaecology at Grafton, all aspects of female reproductive system are covered but in obstetrics only the matters related to the pregnancy are discussed. This is the reason that a person can be a gynaecologist without being an obstetrician but an individual cannot be an obstetrician without being a gynaecologist. In addition to that, a person can specialise in both of these subjects as well and can become an OB-GYN.

Things to discuss with your obstetrician:

If you are experiencing any kind of discomfort or any abnormality during your pregnancy then you are always free to ask questions from your obstetrician. If you cannot feel the movement of your baby in your belly then you can discuss it with your obstetrician. If you have seen brownish spots during your pregnancy then you can discuss it with your obstetrician. In fact, all the matters related to your pregnancy or child birth that you might find odd can be discussed with your obstetrician.


Whether you are in your pregnancy period or have just delivered your baby and are experiencing some odd things with your body or your baby’s body then you are always free to ask or to take medical advice or help from your obstetrician. An obstetrician is the specialised doctor who deals with the pregnancy period and child birth. People often confuse gynaecologist with an obstetricians but they are not the same person even though their professions are closely inter-connected. “DR Aaron Budden” is the highly qualified gynaecologist plus an extremely professional obstetrician who is the specialist in laparoscopic surgery as well.